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PostHeaderIcon Clermont Ferrand in Massif Central

For all those film buffs out there who are also interested in walking up and down volcanoes, Clermont – Ferrand is the place to be. This city is situated in Auvergne, France, right in the middle of one of that areas’ major industrial regions. Home to the Michelin tires Empire, what else does the city offer you? Well, because it has been in existence for more than 500 years, of course, there is going to be a church. So get ready to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It has been built entirely out of black volcanic lava, so naturally, it is a masterpiece, created in the Romanesque style. Those 12 century architects and builders really knew what they were doing! And if you are here for the annual world famous short film Festival, you can do a little bit of stargazing and open- mouthed gaping, at international stars before watching critically acclaimed films from all over the world. And then I am going to go for a walk down Rue Keber and goggle at the old mansions built by those Merchant Prince families in the Middle Ages, who got rich through commerce, in the city.

I cannot resist a good museum, especially if it is filled up with ancient archaeological finds, especially Roman and Gallic artifacts. So I am going to spend an afternoon at Musée Bargoin, and browse through those artifacts to my heart’s delight. (Something which struck me as quite amusing – the name Bargoin ; coming down the ages as Bourgoin/Burgoyne in Normandy, Scotland, Wales and England and as Burgohain in East Asia, huh!) This museum is located at 45 rue Ballainvilliers. For all those who are interested in paintings and sculptures, yes, there is another museum called Musee d’Art Roger Quilliot, located at Place Louis Deteix, which I can visit on the same day (as long as it is not a Monday!)

The kiddies are definitely going to be very interested in visiting Vulcania. This is a multimedia exhibition/center, about 15 km away from Clermont – Ferrand. So you are going you to know everything about volcanoes, living and dormant volcanoes and even how volcanic activities can affect the surface and history of planets. In the same way, if you want to have a picnic in the great outdoors, put on your hiking shoes and enjoy plenty of outdoor sports and activities at Puy de Dome. Remember to take your camera so that you can snap memorable pictures of Clermont-Ferrand from different angles.

Enjoy your visit to Clermont – Ferrand, Auverne, France!