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PostHeaderIcon The magic of Aix-en-Provence

The moment somebody says the word Provence, one immediately has a vision of green pastures with bucolic bovines looking at you sleepily and beautiful French maidens walking to and from their wine yards or Farms. Well,Aix-en-Provence has all that and more. Apart from the historical churches and old buildings, you have some unexpected surprises. So if you see a really stylish With It Parisian boulevard plopped right in the middle of a sleepy city, in the form of Cours Mirabeau, well, there you are. This is the place where you can rest and relax, with a glass of red, red wine in your hand, listening to the music with which to watch the girls who watch the boys go by. The unexpected thing is that this Cours goes back to the 17th century. So depending on the part in which you find yourself, you are either in the 21st century, or in the 17th century. Put on your walking shoes and promenade down the avenue.

For all ye impressionist art lovers, Aix-en-Provence is the city where Cézanne spent a number of years, creating his most famous works in his studio, which he built in 1901. You are definitely going to step back into the early 20th century, when you visit the studio, which has been lovingly preserved as it was during the life and times of the Father of modern Impressionist Art. Naturally you would want to buy the postcards of his paintings as souvenirs.

The Cathedral of St_Saveur goes back to the late fifth century, and is a mixture of a number of architectural styles. So, this charming and unique building has the Gothic touch along with a dome , which could only be created by a Renaissance man! This Cathedral is located in one of the “old” locations of the city. So those who are looking for a mediaeval experience need to walk through this area and imbibe the ambience and atmosphere of provincial mediaeval Aix-en-Provence.

If you are visiting this city in June, or in July, especially if you are an opera buff, take your CD of Carmen along with you, because you are going to be a part of the theatre and opera festival held in Aix-en-Provence.Toreador En Garde, though, alas, we are not going to be hearing Callas, Melba or Lanza ! There are four very famous theatres here, so enjoy!

For all those people who cannot do without a loud dose of music and expensive drinks when the sun goes down, the place which you need to explore at night is the Mistral. Well named after that hot tiresome Mediterranean wind, you might find yourself blown away with the noise, the stuffy atmosphere and the high prices. But if you want a touch of Paris in sleepy Aix-en-Provence, a couple of hours spent here is well worth the hangover and empty wallet tomorrow morning.