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PostHeaderIcon Visiting Poitiers

Hey, I was under the impression that the lovely Diane de Poitiers, the good friend of Henry II had something to do with the city of Poitiers, but that is not so. Her family name was de Poitiers and anybody who is under the impression that blondes are dumb, had better change it when they read the story of this highly intelligent, politically astute and “with it” lady. (Point to note – the very famous Clouet topless painting of La Poitiers in her bath does not look like her. She was supposed to be blond and blue-eyed. Could that be a painting of Catherine de Medici?) Anyway, here I am visiting Poitiers, and the first place to visit on my itinerary is the Nouaillé Maupertuis Abbey. I am a sucker for tombs and Gothic architecture. So after that visit, I would want to take a trip to Notre-Dame-la-Grande. The Poitevin… These people knew how to create magnificent interiors. Do not miss the fresco. After all, this magnificence, I would want to look at something understated. The patron saint of Poitiers, Ste-Radegonde has a little church dedicated to her. Built somewhere in the sixth century, it was destroyed in the eighth century, rebuilt in the 11th century… Yes, we know that a large number of churches in France were rebuilt in the 11th and 12th centuries and destroyed during the madness of the Revolution. Luckily, they have been rebuilt again, starting from the late 19th century onwards. This saint was the Princess of
Thuringia, who was captured by Prince Clotaire , who married her, but released her from her vows when she told him her intention of serving the poor and the sick. Just love these old Frankish names. So, Edgar Rice Burroughs-ish, is not it.
If you are fond of Rennaissance architecture, you are definitely not going to miss the mediaeval Montierneuf church, which was originally a Benedictine monastery. It was rebuilt in the 17th century, Well, somewhere around the Terror.

After all this architecture, one need something relatable modern in the shape of the Futuroscope , which is an amusement park just outside Poitiers. Word of warning to the unwary, do not buy their guidebook if you do not know French. You are going to find some information in English on the last three pages.Alors, Je ne parle pas francais, qu’es qu’on fait ?Ask a friend to translate for you! And do not miss The Giant Tomato, which houses a cinema screen, which is considered to be the widest silver screen in Europe.
Enjoy your memorable trip to Poitiers, and it is Clemenceau , (the place, guys, not the French Prime Minister, Georges Clemenceau…) which had something to do with the lovely Diane…