Just can’t say No, No,Nanette, to Nantes

If you are a science fiction fan, you are definitely going to want to know where the father of science fiction, Jules Verne was born, well, he was born in Nantes. So does Nantes have anything to do with local boy made good, here? Oh yes, every single son and daughter of Nantes, who has made good in the history of France is definitely going to be immortalised here. So before I start on the places to visit and things to do in Nantes, let me tell you about the secret force called the greeters. These natives are glad to tell you all about the customs, traditions, secret places to visit, secret places to eat, and other things to do, because they have been born and brought up in Nantes. You could ask your tourism office or go to the Nantes Centre for information about their volunteer greeters, who will be glad to take you around totally free. Let us keep this secret between ourselves,huh !

So coming back to local boy made good, one has to talk about the two greatest cathedrals in Nantes, the cathedral of St Peter and the cathedral of St Paul. When you are walking around the cathedral of St Peter, you need to see a cenotaph built in the honour of General Lamorciere, who died in 1865, after a long and glorious career in fighting for France. This awe-inspiring cathedral also has a number of stained glass windows, recalling the story and the history of the great saints of Breton.
There is also a tomb here built in the honour of Francis The Second, and his queen. This tomb was commissioned by one of the greatest historical figures of Brittany, their daughter, the Duchess Anne, married to 3 reigning kings and twice the queen of France. But as the history of Breton stops at the textbooks of French history written in Paris, nobody bothers much about Breton history!
Now here is something for all those science fiction aficionados. Les Machines De L’Isle De Nantes is a place to visit, where you can enjoy your ride in a gigantic mechanical elephant, the concept of which could only be thought up by imaginative science fiction writers and half mad inventors, sculptors and mechanical geniuses(plural –genii??) with practical engineers to build their dreams for them.

So for all those people who want to take a ride on this mechanical monster, here is one tip. Every single visitor visiting this place wants to take a ride on the elephant which can accommodate just 35 people at one time. Why do not they add a howdah like that of an Indian maharaja, and make it a double-decker? The first ride is going to start at 10 AM. Get there around eight! The second session is going to start at 2 PM. Rides are at 1 1/2 hour intervals. I would suggest getting here at lunchtime. Get the most put upon member of the family to stand in the line while you feed yourself, look around at all the different exhibits and shows including the galleries. And then enjoy galumphing about on a metal Heffalunt.

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