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PostHeaderIcon Main attractions of Amiens

Now that you are here in Amiens , it is certain that you have the Cathedral of our Lady on your must see itinerary. These cathedrals normally go back to the 11th and 12th centuries, so you can see really amazing examples of Gothic architecture. Anyway, the Catédral Notre Dame is justly considered to be one of the world heritage sites of France, this Cathedral was built to house one of the most sacred relics of that time, and of all times – the severed head of John the Baptist. A cynic may want to ask the question about how the head reached France, but taking the religious aspect, this relic has been placed in one of the most splendid masterpieces of mediaeval architecture. The arches and the huge magnificently vaulted inner portion of the cathedral is justifiably one of the reasons why this Cathedral is on the world Heritage site. Photography is prohibited, so you cannot take away the memory of stained glass windows in visual form.

After a tour of the Cathedral, you can take a tour around the places where major bottles were fought, touring the First and Second World Wars. There are plenty of places around Amiens , which need to be visited by a person who is going on a historic pilgrimage of battlefields. All Is Not Quiet on the Western Front, when you hear the mental sounds of death and desolation surrounding you. You can take a two-day trip to Sommes and Flanders… On Flanders fields where the poppies grow… There, there, I am getting macabre now. And do not forget to visit the floating Gardens. You would also want to visit the Park Samara, especially if you like to tiptoe among the daisies of a morning. By the way, any person who loves exploring the historical portions of Amiens, you can get that adventure buzz out of your system by exploring the st-Leu quartier.

One small secret for all those people with a sweet tooth, before I wind up this travel to Amiens monologue – while you are exploring the Place Gambetta, keep an eye open for a small place called Jean Trogneux. It is a bakery+ confectionery and anybody who has not tasted his macaroons, and other melt in the mouth delicacies is really missing something. The French like to keep his presence in Amiens a well-known secret, because otherwise we peripatetic beings would learn to get up at dawn, to get here and get freshly baked delicious goodies. Secret number two – all the open air markets/floating Gardens where you can get fresh produce can give you the best bargains early in the morning. That is when the restauranteurs shop for fresh organic produce. So if you can manage to stir yourself early in the morning on a market day, hooray! That reminds me. Jules Verne lived here for 18 years, so go and visit his house. Tuesdays closed!