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PostHeaderIcon Enjoying yourself in Biarritz

It was in the 20s and 30s of the 20th-century that the Jetset discovered Biarritz as a place to which they could sail from Dover or Southampton. Since then Biarritz is considered to be a place where you can rest and relax a little, gamble a little, enjoy the sun a little and flirt a little. Excesses in this sunlit land are going to lead to a headache, including too much red wine! So if you are bent on enjoying yourself in Biarritz here are some things that you would like to try out right now.

Now Biarritz has something that perhaps cannot be boasted by any other city in Europe. It has a chocolate museum. This is definitely going to be a boon for all those people who cannot do without their daily fix of chocolate. This museum is dedicated to chocolate from beginning to end from production to processing to the time when you can see it jumping off your store shelves, along with advertisements, and other interesting activities related to chocolate. Very unusual ticket here – a redeemable voucher for delicious hot chocolate, as well as another chocolate piece, which you would want to taste the moment you enter the museum. Good they do not ask to see it, when there is a distinct possibility that you may have popped it in your mouth as soon as it was handed over to you.

Another thing – the beautiful pieces of chocolate turn into objets d’art is all very fine, but who would want to have a beautiful chocolate piece of sculpture on his computer desk when he would rather be biting into that delicious chocolate nougat creation? Anyway, remember to keep some money in handy when you are buying chocolate items for all your friends, colleagues and chocolate addicts back home.

Now here is another attraction where you can spend the afternoon with your kids and enjoy the bounty of the sea; this comes in the shape of the Museum of The Sea. Many people who want to compare it with the even larger museums/aquariums all over the world are going to be disappointed, but for eight euros, this is well worth a visit, especially if you are interested in the sea and all its denizens. I reached here around five o’clock when the seal was being given its dinner amongst the appreciative audience oohing and aahing at its most evident enjoyment of succulent fish. And was the seal enjoying itself, being a natural performer! If it could smile, it would have had a positively smug smirk on its face.

Just imagine a beautiful white magnificently carved statue of The Holy Virgin standing on a rough brown rock. Apart from the contrasting imagery, this is going to be a contrast in aesthetic and artistic juxtapositions! Remember to walk to this beautiful place, at least once during your visit to fascinating, beguiling Biarritz!