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PostHeaderIcon Things to do- including a wine tour- in Dijon

Dijon is placed under a disadvantage, because it cannot be fun being located near the Burgundy’s wine capital,Beaune. Nevertheless, any visitor visiting Dijon has to take a wine tour, around the vineyards of this historical city. You can either ask for a guide, or plan a do it yourself tour. Many of the tourist guides are definitely bilingual, so you do not have to worry about not understanding what they parley to voo in francaise. Hop onto a TGV from Paris, one of these weekends, because it takes just two hours to reach Dijon. If you are visiting Dijon in June, naturally, you are going to be taking part in the Musical Summer Festival. This is for all those people who cannot do without their Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and other classical music forms.

The kind, gentle and Benign patron saint of Dijon, Saint Benignus looks over his people, from his cathedral. For all those who are interested in history, the chapel here has the crypt, which is supposed to be one of the oldest sanctuaries in France. Being a Christian in a time and an area surrounded by warrior tribes, the Goths, Visigoths, and other Manygoth tribes took some courage!
The historical Dukes of Burgundy started building their palaces here in the 12th century. Make sure that you keep an afternoon free to visit the Art Museum in the Palais. The self-proclaimed Premier duke of the West, Philippe the good was a Duke of Burgundy, but that did not prevent him from capturing Joan of Arc and giving her up to the English, for political reasons. Joan got burnt at the stake and the Britishers broke their political treaties with Burgundy, but hey, that is politics. We are more interested in sitting at night in the Place de la Liberation, (trying hard not to discuss politics…), with a glass of “kir” in our hand, watching the lights of the palace and the lit up fountains playing in the moonlight,hmmm. The slow savouring of snails cooked in garlic, herbs and butter, or perhaps a Dijon ham, simultaneously, is optional,miam, miam( The Burgundian equivalent of unaudibly licking my chops)!

Enjoy your trip to Dijon, and promise to come back again, next spring. With better walking shoes…