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PostHeaderIcon Exploring The Attractions Of Clermont-Ferrand

Like any other ancient historical city of Europe, Clermont-Ferrand also has a ye olde brooding quality as if to say, have much to answer for. Nevertheless, if you are interested in exploring this delightful city, you can start by saying hello to the statue of Vercingetorix which is the starting point of all your adventures. You can consider him to be the first Gaul freedom fighter who fought against Julius Caesar’s Veni Vidi Vici boast at Alesia. This proud fighting Gaul was definitely not Weeny, Weedy or Weaky, and his statue, says “I have taken up arms for the liberty of all the people.” Well, it is still a beautiful pipe dream, but like Spartacus, the story of this brave warrior is going to endure on for ever. After that, one needs to go and visit the cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Clermont-Ferrand.

Now, when I visit a place, I am more interested in the local fare, especially if it is a speciality which is famous throughout the region. Truffade has nothing to do with truffles, but it is a mixture of garlic, delicious bacon lardons, (pieces of bacon fat and meat), shredded fried potatoes, tomatoes, cheese all mixed into a pancake batter and then fried on a griddle pan. Make sure that you ask for truffade whenever you decide to eat out in Auvergne. After a well satisfying wine and truffade meal I am definitely not in any condition to walk to Puy de dome , the highest point in Clermont-Ferrand. So I am going to walk off my meal at Jardin le coq, and trip among the daisies.Uh oh, this is the only place in Auverne where I have seen gendarmes patrolling the lawns so that people like me Keep Off The Grass. Guess the “Defenser de..” sign is quite enough to make any proud Frenchman roll up his shirt sleeves and say, “yeah, sez who, you and which Julius Caesar’s army is going to stop me from walking on the grass?” Only a idea of a stiff fine prevents me from following suit.

All right, so now we are ready to climb up to the dormant volcano of Puy De Dome. You just need stout walking shoes, a floppy hat and pest repellent. Early spring means that all “them” pesky flies are just coming out of their eggs,hmmm? A stick may be necessary to climb the steeper gradient. By the way,there are no toilet facilities on the road to Puy de Dome, so do the needful at the car park before you go traipsing up the Dome. It is going to take about one hour of hard slogging to reach the top, but the scenic view is well worth it. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Clermont-Ferrand.