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PostHeaderIcon Taking a Gourmet Tour In Strasbourg

Just imagine touring Strasbourg and not appreciating the gourmet fare, delicate viands and of course the wine from Strasbourg vineyards. It is almost as bad as a reluctant dieter being tempted with chocolate cake, – or possibly a slab of well marinated steak, – and bubbly. So for the budding gourmet, Gourmand or the Mr Average Tourist with his philosophy of eat, drink be merry, because tomorrow we diet, here are some “must check out” places in Strasbourg.

Now let us face it; my purse is nearly always in a state with the needle pointing to E. So I cannot afford to enjoy really delicious fare, and then have a heart attack the moment I am presented with L’addition. So now that I am here in Alsace, the land of enchanting Hansel and Gretel forests, and Graustark, Rudolf Rassendyll or perhaps Rupert of Hentzau villages, and hungry as a wolf, I will start my round of sniffing out the menu à la carte at La Vignette. When three star Michelin chefs come looking around for Alsatian fare, at one particular place, there must be something delicious being brewed up tonight. Serge Krapp had already earned a Michelin star as a chef at Chez Julien, when he decided to start this restaurant. With the original Alsatian fare on board, – made with fresh herbs and vegetables, and savoured with organic wine (Reisling for choice), ahhh, this is an experience to remember.

Fresh bread at Au Pain de Mon Grand-Père (literally – to the or of the bread of my grandfather, a sentence combination on par with the pen of my aunt or the umbrella of the gardener, sentences so well beloved of French beginner readers…) For all ye, who cannot do without their daily bread, this bakery was started by an ex- plutocrat, Patrick Dinel, who decided one day that one could not just live by money alone and needed bread. Crisp Bread, with its delicious aromatic crust, and different subtle flavours fresh out from the traditional brick oven, is one of the genuine pleasures of dining out in Strasbourg. It does not matter if it is not a day fresh; it is going to last for a couple of days. But hey, when you have bread fresh out of the oven, grab a loaf, a jug of wine, and your own thou and head for the enchanted woods where you might just find the wolf waltzing with Red Riding Hood or maybe Rassendyll and Black Michael doing some sword practise behind the next clump of trees!

These are just some of the gourmet stops in Strasbourg. Put on your favourite alpine hat and go exploring for other gourmet and gourmand stops in this most romantic capital city of Alsace.