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PostHeaderIcon Exploring the markets of Bordeaux

The word Bordeaux is associated with world-famous wines, but that does not mean that this city does not have many other titillating attractions going for it. So for all those who cannot resist antique fairs, boot sales, flea markets, vegetable markets or any bargain sales of any kind, here is a list of the markets and the fairs in Bordeaux, which need to be on the itinerary of the bargain-hunting shopaholic.

For the antique bargain hunter whose life is in ruins, no pun intended, you need to watch out for an antiques fair held here for 15 days. 200 long-term antique sellers make sure to attend this fare, with their list of must- have items, knowing that they are going to be meeting genuine connoisseurs and lovers of antiques.

Here is a list of some of the markets in Bordeaux, which you cannot miss. Open air markets include the Marché Pey-Berland, (Sunday, 9 AM – 4 PM), the Place des Capucins on Sunday and Monday from 7 to 12: 30, Marché Saint-Victor from 7 to 1 on Tuesday, Marché Gaviniès from 8 to 2 on Saturday, Marché des Pins Francs from 7 to 1 on Wednesday, Marché de la Lumineuse from 7 to 1 on Thursday, Rue Achard from 7 to 1 on Friday, I think we have managed to get to one market for everyday of the week, have not we.

For all those who cannot do without organic fare, every Thursday means that you have to get to the Marché Biologique des Quais at the Quai des Chartrons, any time between six in the morning to 4 in the afternoon and pick up fresh organic produce. If France is going organic, why should not the rest of the world say no to inorganic and chemically produced fertilizers. Anyway, if you want to say it with roses, you would want to visit Marché Brocante (St-Michel), where you can get flowers flowers everywhere and not a moment to think. Timings are 7 to 4 every day , except on Mondays and Thursdays when the bouqinistes spend their time looking for fresh floral produce, or adding up their bouques (uh, oh, did I mean books?)

The markets of Bordeaux, like those of any other southern town are noisy, cheerful, full of sensory experiences and well worth the visit. So pick up your purse and your totebag and go, explore them to your heart’s delight.