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PostHeaderIcon Spending a weekend at Toulouse

Anybody spending a week at Toulouse is definitely going to find his days busy, looking at all the amazing historic and religious attractions in this attractive city. Apart from that, one is definitely going to want to visit the Museum of Toulouse-Lautrec, which is as Toulouse-Lautrec did not say “Incahndeeferuff! ” This museum is dedicated to one of the most well known sons of Toulouse,, who was born in Albi, Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa. (whew!) This brilliant painter, artist and all-round Rennaissance Man was a contemporary of Cézanne, Monet, and other great Impressionist painters. Apart from that, there is another museum near the basilica of St Sernin. This basilica made in the honour of the first bishop, St Saturnin who was buried here in c 250. A new Romanesque basilica was built on the top of the ancient basilica somewhere between 1090 – 1130. In the 19th century,Viollet Le duc , who restored a great many churches, including Notre Dame decided to restore this basilica, but his “relatively modern” restorations are being removed so that you can see the original design of this splendid basilica.
Naturally, after you have visited the basilica and been properly impressed by the serene splendour of this mediaeval church, it is time for you to visit the historical St. Raymond Museum of Toulouse.

The city of Toulouse has been around for more than 2000 years, especially when you can see archaeological remains, going back to the Roman invasion of Gaul, when the Romans came, they saw, and they decided to remain. Magnificent Roman statues and other priceless artefacts dating back to Roman times will leave you gasping. Apart from that, you can see the history of Toulouse, as well as some ruins dating back from the Roman era, which are still being excavated today.

The only thumbs down point when you are visiting a number of museums in the smaller cities and towns of France is that they do not have English audio commentaries, there. So your French has to be up to the mark, unless you have a French interpreter who can give you a running commentary of what he is listening on the audiotape! However, this is definitely not true in this historical Saint-Raymond Museum. They are proud to let you know in impeccable English, that they have a long and glorious history behind them. You could easily spend one whole afternoon here, especially if you are fond of Roman artefacts and ancient history.
So, do not you think that spending an enjoyable day or two at Toulouse is well worth the effort?