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PostHeaderIcon Enjoy Your Trip To Lille

Now that you have decided to visit Lille, it is possible that you have already made up your itinerary of things to do and places to visit. I would suggest tearing that up, because going by set itineraries in places which have historic importance means that you are missing out half of the fun of exploring the wonders of Lee, including the Flemish influence the baroque influence the mediaeval influence and any other architectural mixture that you can recognise.
For those people who like to go buy a set timetable, of course you would want to see the museums as well as the old stock exchange. And one thought that dealing in stocks, shares and debentures was a comparatively modern idea! This stock exchange goes back to 1653. Well, that should not be surprising because Lille was considered to be one of the major business trading centres of Belgium and we know that Lille was a Belgian city, before Louis XIV, decided to capture it in 1667. This building was designed by one of Lille’s most well-known 16th century architect Julien Destrée. So naturally the Bourse is going to be a place where the Belgians could give full rein to their creative talents and show off their prosperity and magnificence to their envying neighbours. Till Louis decided that he wanted the city of Lille for his own, talk about acting on your jealousy!
Along with this building, you cannot miss out on the city gate to Ghent, nor the triumphal Porte de Paris. This gate was constructed on the order of Louis XIV, to crow about his capture of this fair city. Talking about one upmanship in the matter of splendoriferous buildings, but who cares, we are enjoying the end result, are not we?

If you are in Lille of a Sunday, remember to spend the afternoon dancing in the old stock exchange courtyard. And then end up your afternoon with having hot chocolate at the coffee shop there aptly called Honey and Pie. Well worth the price.
La Place Rihour placed right in the heart of Lille can be considered to be a conglomeration of different epochs. Starting from the ruins of a mediaeval palace inhabited by the Dukes of Burgundy, to the Mayoralty, in the 19th century, there is something for everyone here. Including an office of tourism, a guard room and of course the Gothic feel. There is also a old chapel here.
So enjoy your trip to Lille, and do not hesitate to break your diet on delicious fare at the coffee shop or at the 400 restaurants and eating places in Lille!