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PostHeaderIcon Traveling to Blois in Loire

Let us not hear “once you have seen a French château, you have seen them all“ especially when you need to see the famous Château of Blois in Loire. This little market town may not have down in history as a place where historical and earthshaking events took place during the medieval ages, but it does have a charm of its own. After all, this is the place where you are going to get world-famous asparagus, along with Blois wine. Therefore, this capital market town of France’s Loir-et-Cher department needs to be visited of an afternoon, especially if you happen to be in Tours or in Orleans. All you have to do is get off the train, midway between these two tourist attractions and there you are, right here at Blois in Loire.

Blois in Loire

Village of Blois in Loire

You are going to start your exploration of the small market town from place Victor-Hugo, from where you can go to the Château or proceed to the town’s center or to its main street. In fact, you can travel from one corner of this town to the other, in just one afternoon, walking around the town and appreciating the restaurants serving the local Blois wine. The Château is definitely going to be an added attraction to all those people who are interested in old art, a stylish building, priceless furnishings going back to the Renaissance era and other such marvelous creations.

For all those people who cannot do without their daily dose of chocolate, this is where one of the most famous chocolate factories (Poulain) came into being in 1848. You can also visit St. Vincent’s church, which is a 17th century masterpiece. The best thing about Blois is that a person, who likes to walk around a place while he is exploring it, is going to get plenty of opportunity for exercise. That is when he is climbing up all those long staircases and pathways. That is because this market town is built on two hills. Then, you can also appreciate the pavilion of Anne of Brittany, which complements the splendor of the Château with its stylish windows and splendid galleries.

Every year, the Château puts on a spectacular when you can see the history of the Château and the town come to life in a Son et Lumière program. So visit the Château between April to September, so that you can take full advantage of the spectacular spectacular of Blois in Loire.