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PostHeaderIcon Living it up in Lyon

Now that I am in Lyon, let me concentrate on just one part of Lyon, the old quarter. This beautiful world Heritage site dates back to the Rennaissance times, so there you are, wandering around old alleyways, and walking down the streets looking for a really authentic hundred percent Lyonnaise bouchon where I can gorge myself on really authentic hundred percent lyonnaise cuisine! Sausages and roast pork is definitely going to be on the menu. Now for those gourmets looking for a really authentic, et cetera et cetera experience, there are a number of it easier, which call themselves bouchons. Look at their menu. The menu should start with pumpkin or tripe((I think I will pass on that one) soup, salads are going to include chicken liver, herrings which are marinated in olive oil, and of course salade lyonnaise, which includes bacon, eggs and mustard dressing. Appetisers are going to include sausage and chicken liver delicacies. I am going to pass up on offal course. Fish and meat are going to include Coq au vin , and fish dumplings. Then comes the cheese and deserts in the shape of pralines or apples covered with caramel. I found a genuine bouchon in a tourist guide. If you go by the signs which say « Veritable bouchon », check it out in the guide. Because it may be too good to be true and often is…

If you are here during an open air market, well, you have it good, because you are going to be coming back with some really good bargains. There are a number of courtyard just waiting to be explored. So spend an afternoon exploring the magic of these old courtyards. Apart from the town hall, you are also going to see a number of churches and water-based edifices. How can you imagine a mediaeval area without fountains, watering holes and steps et al? For those antique hunters, there are a couple of streets here, where you can get really good bargains. If you are visiting Lyon in December, remember to be here on the eighth, when the Lyonnais celebrate the City Founding Day.

Sold you on the old quarter, did I? Now let me rain on your parade like a good little beast. This whole old quarter was destroyed completely during the Second World War. All that you see now is a modern reconstruction of what the municipality decided the old quarter should be like in 1960. No wonder some of the area is distinctly shabby, while the other is totally in keeping with the 21st-century. The guides are not going to tell you that unfortunate truth and they are going to pretend that you are walking down the same streets over which walked the great thinkers, philosophers, artists, and sculptors of the Rennaissance period. But if you go into these quarters, not expecting a false Hollywood set, – which it is, – it is a nice place to spend an afternoon!