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PostHeaderIcon Enjoying the Giverny Gardens

When Claude Monet decided to build his house in Giverny and design the gardens there he did not know that he was building an inspirational future tourist attraction for millions of visitors through the years . Now a couple of points before one starts describing the gardens of Giverny. You need to book in advance before you visit here. Queueing for your ticket does not work here. Eight euros for adults, children under the age of seven can visit totally free, disabled people need to pay only four euros, students and children above the age of seven, need to pay five euros. Tickets bought online are a bit more costly. Now a bit more about these gardens.

The first garden called the Clos Normand is right in front of the house and the other is a Japanese inspired garden.
Monet started designing this garden, when he brought his family to settle here in 1883. Using his trained eye, he planted a number of flower beds with easy to obtain annuals, interspersed with climbing roses and rare flower species. Much in keeping with the Victorian idea of ornateness, you are going to have iron arches with roses, covering them, as well as covering the walls and balustrade. Monet being an artist would naturally go against regimented and properly organised gardens . His idea was to look at different colour combinations and allow them to riot all over the place. Some of his most famous paintings have been inspired by the nympheas growing in his water pond. Remember to visit the bamboo bridge, inspired by his well cherished Japanese prints. Naturally, you are going to have a number of weeping willows and even bamboos, here.

Now, we avid tourists being what we are, we are quite capable of walking all over the plants, so some of these inner portions have been closed off. Nevertheless, they can be viewed by you working sedately on well laid out sidewalks. And keep off the grass and do not even dream of picnicking here! And remember to leave the Mutt at home.