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PostHeaderIcon Musée Eugene-Boudin in Normandy

One cannot keep Musée Eugene-Boudin out of his “have to visit” list when he is exploring the treasures of Normandy. This Museum is situated in Place Erik Satie, and you can enjoy the impressionist treasures here every day from 10 to noon and from 2 to 6 – except on Tuesdays.

Musée Eugene-Boudin in Normandy

Musée Eugene-Boudin in Normandy

I was under the impression that the impressionist painters were kept busy trying out new techniques of light, depth and form, than in encouraging their own friends to paint so that their museum could be filled with treasures preserved for posterity. But it seems Eugene Boudin did exactly that. He was an impressionist painter, painting alongside painters like Gernez, Monet and Signac. So M. Boudin put on his painting smock, tucked his clean paintbrush behind his ear and send out an invitation to his impressionist friends to come, see the wondrous light off the coast of Normandy and take full advantage of it. The Norman landscapes and people going about on their day to day work schedules would be excellent subjects for painting. And so the Musée Eugene-Boudin came into existence.

This fishing port has been immortalized in many of the paintings done by Seurat,Dufy, Johan Jongkind, Signac, Bodin,Friesz and Monet, and you can see these treasures in this Museum today. The museum also holds a number of exhibitions every month, so be on the lookout for the dates of those shows and exhibitions and see that your itinerary takes you to Musée Eugène Boudin during that period.

Apart from priceless impressionist paintings, you are also going to see an awe-inspiring collection of furniture as well as headdresses and costumes collected with lots of care and interest. They say an artist has to be dead before he is appreciated by the general public, but many of these works of art were collected during the lifetime of the painters and housed here. One is rather surprised to see such a famous museum in such a small city, but this is a place which is going to leave you spellbound. So if you have an afternoon free, spend it at this Museum. Children below 10 can enjoy the trip to this Museum completely free. Adults have to pay EUR4.90. Children above the age of 10, students and seniors need to pay EUR3.20. You can see all the paintings in this Museum in about an hour. So enjoy your trip to Musée Eugene-Boudin, Normandy.