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PostHeaderIcon Living It up In Orleans

For all those people who are interested in history, the city of New Orleans in Louisiana was named after the historic city of Orleans byJean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. So if you are coming all the way to Orleans, France from New Orleans, Louisiana and thereabouts, let us start with one of the most fascinating events of the world, a museum dedicated to the Circus and To Illusion. Hey presto,guili-guilie and abracadabra, it opened up at 10 o’clock, Saturday the 12 February, with due fanfare. The museum’s owner, Rémy Demantes spent the winter renovating the museum and getting fresh new amazing stuff to exhibit. This museum does not get as many visitors, as, say, the Louvre, with people avid to have a glimpse of a dyspeptically wincing Mona Lisa, but for all those people who remember those days of childhood watching a top hatted lion tamer, cracking his whip, this is a must see, back to the days of nostalgia.

One supposes, this exhibition to be one of the well kept secrets of France, even though it has been shown in Barcelona, Mexico, New York, Montréal and Los Angeles.(hmmm?) Oh-oh, we just missed the fete de Jeanne D’arc for the year, which started on 29th of April, up to 8th of May, because after all, she was the Maid of Orleans, was not she. Better luck next year.

For anybody like yours truly who is completely fascinated with palaces, old buildings, and crypts, one definitely cannot miss a visit to the crypt of Saint-Aignan. King Robert The Pious (what is this with French kings and adjectives, Louis the Well beloved, Philip the Good, Robert the pious,… Praiseworthy sentiments about virtues, they definitely did not have!) built this crypt to house some sacred relics of the saint, in an underground church. Did that mean that Christians were still being persecuted in 1029 and still had to hide their places of worship? From whom? Just being curious. This crypt is a really magnificent example of Roman art, along with mediaeval architecture. A number of pillars were discovered buried under a 11th century building in 1950.

These are just some of the places of interest that you can visit and enjoy during your trip to Orleans. Of course, a trip to France cannot do without eating, drinking and enjoying yourself thoroughly, so do not forget to do that, with lots of joie de vivre and bonhomie!