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PostHeaderIcon Enjoy A Trip To Rennes

For all those people planning a trip to Brittany, well, Rennes is a city which has to be added to your must see itinerary. Apart from the most important landmark in the city, the Parliament building, along with its magnificent statues there are other buildings which you need to visit. For all those people who love mediaeval art, the Muse des Beaux-Arts is the place where you are going to spend a weekend, especially if you happen to be a fan of the Paul Gaugin School of Art of the 19th century. Do not miss the curiosity gallery where you can find curiosities from the 18th century.

Being a mediaeval city, there is definitely going to be a mediaeval quarter, around which you can saunter, at your own leisure. Saturday is a good day to visit, if you enjoy crowds because that is the time when the weekly market is held in the mediaeval quarter, especially in the Place des Lys. (Wonder why Internet sites persist on spelling Lys as Lices (huh!) What is in a name, but calling a Lily a Louse is definitely not going to smell or sound as sweet!) Enjoying the cheerful hassle and bustle in this market on market day means that you are killing two rabbits with one snare – doing your shopping for meat, fruit and vegetables while enjoying your sightseeing trip.

What is a mediaeval town without an imposing cathedral. Naturally, the St Peters Cathedral, which goes back to the fourth century (wow!) Is a must see place to visit. It was rebuilt in the 18th and 19th century, but the grandly imposing neoclassical and grand interior has been preserved. Visit this cathedral in the morning, before you start your day sightseeing. You definitely cannot miss one of the most beautiful parks in France, The Park of Thabor, with its grove and formal garden. And now here is something interesting. you can find ancient megaliths/dolmen, called the Rocks of the Fairies about 30 km away from Rennes, on the road to Esse. There are some really interesting stories about these stones placed in a circle. Some people consider it to be the grave of a great Roman. Villagers believed it to be the doorway to the land of the fairies who decided to build their temple here. There is another myth about this stone formation. A newly married couple, each in his and her turn , should go around the Dolmen counting the stones and if they manage to get the same count, they are in for a long-lasting, and happy marriage! Also, anybody who destroys any part of the dolmen is going to die within the year. I think this is the most effective threat for preventing treasure hunters and archaeologists from digging up one of Britney’s most well cherished archaeological and historical sites. Why did the ancient Egyptians not try out that psychological scare tactics against tomb hunters?

Enjoy your trip to Rennes , Brittany, and do say hello to the dolmen from the rest of us!