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Annecy , which is justifiably known as the Venice of Savoie goes back to more than 3000 BC! So it is no wonder that anybody visiting Annecy for the first time falls under the spell of this ancient, historical and spellbinding little town. You are going to see it chockablock full of tourists, both in the summer and the winter, especially when the snow falls and the slopes are covered with tourists showing off their skiing skills.
So how did it get the reputation of being like Venice? Well, we can thank the river/canal Thiou (pronounced Tee-oo) for that. This river was the greatest medium of commerce for this town during the Middle Ages when goods were towed from one city to another, on it. The flow of this canal was regulated in 1870 by an engineer, who built a number of gates across it. That engineer Sadi Carnot then went on to become the president of France. So if you want to enjoy the splendor of what is known as the cleanest lake in France, and Europe, take your picnic basket to Annecy Lake. After all it has been in existence for more than 15,000 years. You may try your hand at fishing here. Believe it or not, the lake water is safe enough to drink. That is after you put some anti-bacteriological tablets in it. That was not possible, 60 years ago when all the waste of the town and the industries was pumped into this lake. But with the building of a new sewage system, no waste goes in here.

Annecy has been the bone of content between many countries including Spain, Sicily, Austria, Sardinia, the counts of Geneva and Savoie, until it was given to Napoleon III by the King of Sardinia in return for French military aid. #10 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau is the place where the famous French philosopher spent many a happy year, with his patroness Madame de Warrens.

The 12th century Palace on the Island Palais de l’Ille- is another place which you must visit. It is a historical Museum now, but it served as a courthouse, the administrative Palace for the count of Geneva, a mint as well as a Jail in the Middle Ages. And remember to be here on Tuesday so that you can visit the weekly market, which has been held here since believe it or not 1170 come war, come pestilence, come famine. No wonder, this market town of Annecy in Rhone needs to be put on your must visit list, while touring the myriad splendors of France!