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PostHeaderIcon Living it up in Vichy Spa time

Did you know that the spas of Vichy have been in existence for more than 2000 years, and are considered to be one of the most fashionable of hot springs in the whole of Europe. Talk about Vichy waters. Crystal clear, hot, healthy and most of all, the place to be this summer. So if you want to join more than 13,000 people who come to take the spa treatment every year, well, be my guest. You are following in the footsteps of Empresses, King Louis the 14th and such other royal personages, who did not enjoy anything more than just lying back in a hot spring and being fed grapes and peaches by their mistresses and cicisbeos. (Talk about a vivid Romanesque imagination!) Naturally, you are not going to have that sort of treatment, but pampering is the name of the game when you go in for a Vichy water and spa treatment.

This little city was once considered to be the second Paris, because Empress Eugenie had this habit of toddling over to this little town, whenever she found her demands for ” I want war because I have been insulted by the Iron Man of Europe” irritating her more sensible councillors who did not want a Franco- Prussian conflagration. One wonders why she did not retire here, -when she and her husband were deposed- instead of choosing another spa town in England in which to settle.

Types of spas found here include thermal spas of whose waters contain a large amount of sulphur and other natural minerals. The composition of Vichy water is about on par with that found in Aqua Sulis (Bath in the UK.) But people going for a water cure in that used to drink this terribly tasting water. The French being more sensible just dip themselves into a thermal bath while an attendant scrubs their backs for them, ahhhh. Relaxing with a glass of wine (Scotch! Anathema and blasphemy!) in a hot spa bath. (More vivid fantastical imagination!)

So it does not matter whether you are suffering from rheumatism ,the gout, or just want your epidermis scrubbed off from head to toe with a warm loofah; a number of these spas offer you beauty plus health holistic programs, which you can look at, according to your budget and the time allocated to you by your hectic schedule and itinerary. They say that these spas are beneficial for people suffering from gastroenterological problems too, but one supposes that one caught that particular ailment by slurping contaminated Vichy water instead of bathing in it!

Even though Vichy is just a small town with a population of about 26,000 people, a number of hotels also have spa centres attached to them. So take advantage of the beneficial natural waters of this part of Auverne and feel as pampered as royalty or an ancient Roman, by allowing yourself to be cosseted and pampered in a Vichy spa.