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PostHeaderIcon Introduction to the wine regions of France

French Wine

French Wine

France is definitely a haven for the connoisseur of fine wine, so if you consider yourself one of them, here is the introduction to the wine regions of France. And if you are considering a trip to France without visiting one of these regions, are you missing something! One starts with the most famous wine of them all – Champagne. There are about 14,000 winegrowers growing grapes which are either going to be bottled after being blended into world-famous wine or labeled as their own homegrown products.

Then comes the Muscadets, Gamays and Cabernets grown in the Loire. This area covers Vouvray,Saumur and Anjou all the way up to Nantes. If you want to taste the original Sauvignon Blanc, you will have to visit the Touraine region.

Now let us concentrate on the Bordeaux region where you can taste expensive Bordeaux wines at world-famous vineyards.

Burgundy comes next on our list. This is where we are going to choose from a vast selection of Pinots or Chardonnays.

Chablis gives its name to a world-famous wine brand – Chablis White. Here is one hint – you can get really top quality world-class wines at a lower price if you travel to the Chalonnaise , d’Auxerre, de Beaune and de Nuits coastal areas of France.

One cannot miss the Beaujolais area where vineyards grow the Gamay grapevines and produce red wines. And if you find yourself in the Rhone area, start hunting for lesser-known vineyards from Lyon to Avignon. The weather here supports the Syrah grape, making well known long-lasting red wines. You would want to explore the Cotes de Ventoux region, to enjoy these flavored, top-quality red wines.

Last but not the least we come to the Languedoc and the Roussillon regions, where you can get you choice of red and white wines, in the vineyards of Beziers and Corbières. The Roussillon vineyards are famous for their old wines that flourish in the hot climate. So it does not matter whether you are looking for Muscat dessert wines or delicious roses, reds or whites –you are going to find them in France!